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Hi guys and gals,

I made a quick trip to the range a little earlier this week before the snow got here. Shoveling the driveway cuts into my range time. ;) I was happy to get lane #10 because that's my favorite lane. :ROFLMAO:

I brought a small selection of ammo. I've made it a mission to use up all my WWB in practice because it's been giving me a few issues lately.

I brought out only my XD9, Garrison, and Heritage .22.

I started off easy with my little .22 cowboy gun. I tried to hit head shots on the 4" reactive circle with a few cylinders. This single action revolver has such a hair trigger that when I'm not paying attention it will send one when I'm not quite aligned. But it shoots well when I do everything right. I shot from 10 yards for the whole session.

Then I pasted on an 8" reactive circle and went through a few magazines with the .45. True to form, I started a little low/left but gradually brought it up enough to make a couple of ragged holes nearing the bullseye.

It's not as low/left as it used to be. Perhaps I'm beginning to get over my flinch and use better trigger finger. One can hope. :ROFLMAO:

Then it was time for a new target. I put another 8" reactive bullseye in the upper thoracic area and put 50 rounds into it with my XD9. Drat, I let a few get low just off the target. They still would've done some damage in an emergency situation. ;)

Then I cooled off with a couple more cylinders out of the Heritage. I think I'm going to paint a white dot on the top of the front sight so I can see it better. Maybe that will help.

And this is my collection of FTEs with the WWB. That's right, I had three failure to ejects out of fifty rounds today.

I also had one dud. I stuck that cartridge back in the magazine and it shot fine the second time. This WWB is some of the oldest ammo I have in my stash but, at most, I bought it two and a half years ago. It's a good thing I just practice with it. I'll use something different when I go to class. That way this WWB won't embarrass me in front of everyone. :ROFLMAO:

Once again, thanks for putting up with me. I felt like this was a fruitful session and I'm starting to get my groove back. Next week will be even better! :D

Thank you for your indulgence,

Cliff a little low and to the left with a 45 to the head. Really? 😂 I figure anything on the jaw and above it's gonna produce results 😆. Just seeing the heritage makes we wanna shoot. Some fiber optic sights with an adjustable rear would be perfect for the heritage. I'm glad to hear your staying active (shoveling snow) ever since you left California. Sorry bud but I gotta get my licks in while I can 😆.
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