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Hey folks,

I tried a couple of different things at the range on Thursday. I was mostly trying to dial in my accuracy at 10 yards with some new targets but I also brought along my Stopbox to practice a quick retrieval and accurate first shot. As ususal, I had moments of brilliance followed by bits of buffoonery.

It was a cold, wet day here in the upper Midwest. Weather like this makes me glad to be indoors at Fletcher Arms. This is the older facility.

Once again I got my favorite lane, this time it was #9. I brought B-8 and small silhouette targets along with a new reactive target.

This was not a long session. I used only the XD9 and Garrison. I also brought a roll of 4" reactive targets to stick on the larger targets.

I loaded up five magazines with 16 rounds each. As you can tell, the first on this B-8 was very unimpressive.

Next I started shooting the 4" targets from ten yards. I was thinking the smaller target would force me to aim smaller and therefore miss smaller. This target wasn't too bad, for this old noob. I see only three hits outside the 4" circle.

Then true to form, I get cocky, get in a hurry, etc, and the rest of the 4" targets were somewhere between bad and terrible, with about half the hits outside the target. Drat. So I covered the center of the B-8 target with an 8" reactive to practice with my Stopbox.

I placed my loaded XD9 in the box, sent the target out to ten yards, and set the timer.

When the timer sounded I would grab the box with the finger combination, open it, grab the pistol, and put a shot on target as quickly as possible. This is the first run, fairly accurate but not as fast as I'd like.

I ran this six times. Here's run #2. It's a little quicker and almost as accurate.

Run #3, just under 3 seconds and just OK accuracy.

On run #4 I fumbled the opening of the box which slowed me down but the accuracy was pretty good.

Run #5 was slightly faster, 3.53 seconds, and the hit was just about in the same hole as run #3.

OK, last run, again under three seconds with another very accurate hit, just outside the red bull.

I will practice with the retention device more in my basement. Note that this is not a gun safe or anti-theft device. It's a retention device, like an external holster, with just enough security to keep the young hands of my grandchildren from accessing my firearm. When I'm not actually carrying, I can leave my pistol in the Stopbox on my nightstand or coffee table and not worry about curious little fingers. But I digress.

Then for grins and giggles I just put the rest of that magazine on the 8" target. Well, all except for one hit. Drat.

Then I shot a few unimpressive B-8 targets with my Garrison. This was the best one. Ten shots with three hits in the 8 ring (gimme the line break?).

I save my reactive silhouette for last, hoping for better results. But alas, ten hits in the lower left quadrant.

But I felt better once I got home. I had picked up my favorite pizza and one of my favorite beers to enjoy that evening. Life is good.

I hope your visit to the range this week was as much fun as mine. It's my thinking that if I use the 4" targets more it will improve my accuracy. It will force me to do more "aim small, miss small". Wish me luck.

Thank you for your indulgence,

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