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Greetings and salutations,

I apologize for being light on the pictures for this AAR. The instructors had us running drills almost non-stop. This was a USCCA clinic, DSF 104:Movement. Motions included pivoting toward the threat, getting off the "X" with a side step, walking and presenting properly, etc. To add stress, different commands meant to fire on different targets.

We had a little classroom instruction before our range time, just going over basic safety and then the drills we'd be performing.

Then we went out beyond the shooting bays onto the range. It's kind of cool being on this side.

We shot mostly from three yards, a variety of motion drills, always drawing our firearm only when faced downrange toward the target. After stepping through all the steps for each drill by command one at a time, students were then instructed to shoot one of the center mass targets with the "UP!" command, three to five shots. When the instructor called a single number we were to take a little more time and shoot the dot with the corresponding number. I didn't do too badly this evening.

There were just a couple of brain farts on my part during the session. Early in the drills the instructor shouted "Three!" so I put three shots on center mass. Of course, I was supposed to put one shot on the 3 dot. Oops.

Then in between drills the instructor told us to walk up to the firing line and clear our firearms. We all walked up, I drew my gun, and as I was about to hit the mag release the instructor yelled, "Sir! Re-holster your weapon!" Um, OK. I thought, "That was odd, but I'm just going to do what I'm told." I wasn't about to argue. I'm here to follow instructions and learn, even though I thought I was following instructions. No biggie. No harm, no foul. I didn't even bring it up in our debrief because it wasn't really a thing.

I do need to practice these motions in my little basement laser range. It's been a while since I've done any scoot-n-shoot and I could tell I was a little rusty. Pivoting properly and coming out in a good stance needs to be more ingrained. The same with "getting off the X" and into a proper shooting stance, mine needs a little work. This is something I can do with my laser cartridge and maybe even add my timer for some stress. I used to run 40 yards up to the line and then shoot multiple targets and moving targets. Wow, talk about a perishable skill. Ladies and gentlemen, practice all the scenarios. You never know when you'll need a certain skillset.

I haven't decided what class or clinic I'll take next month. There's a home defense course and a shooting in the dark with WML (or flashlight) course I'd like to take. We'll see. Until then, I'll practice as much as I can with what I got. ;)

Thank you for your indulgence,

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