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Greetings Patriots!

And a Happy 4th of July weekend to you all. I'll make this quick. My plan today was to use only 100 rounds for pure marksmanship fundamentals. I've been working on a lot of timed drills lately and I was getting sloppy. I went to the newer Fletcher Arms range at their Lake Country location. I was assigned lane #12, my favorite lane! ;)

I brought a few B-8 targets and centers along with a couple of 12x18 splatter burst silhouettes. Since the range was dead, I couldn't help myself but shoot one cold 10-10-10 drill. It was pretty lousy.

The I slow-fired the rest, really trying to concentrate on fundamentals, grip, sight picture, trigger pull. Targets #2 and #3 were pretty lousy too, but a little less so.

I took a video of #4. I guess I was really serious. It was my best of the day.

The rest were just OK, but showing improvement. I think I need to fix my mindset and refresh my muscle memory.

I think there are four bullets in the #10 on this target, but still two out of the black.

Only one out of the black on my last B-8 target of the day.

Then I shot four magazines (7,8,8,8) at this reactive target to test the new front sight. I definitely need more practice with this little gun. I have to be really careful with that long trigger pull.

Then I shot a few magazines with my little P22. I know this target looks pretty lousy. I was sometimes shooting a bullseye and sometimes shooting the middle of an open quadrant.

Here's video of my lousy cold 10-10-10 drill followed by my best slow fire B-8 target.

I'll practice more pure marksmanship before I get back to the timed drills. I've signed up for the Defensive Handgun Level 1 class here at this range. It will be a bit of a review for me but it will be good to re-lean the things I've forgotten or gotten lazy about. That DH1 class will qualify me to draw from my holster while practicing at the range and satisfy a prerequisite for their other skills clinics, which are good for review and maintaining skills. This old noob is on a quest for skills. :D

Thank you for your indulgence,

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