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For various and sundry reasons it was time to replace the roll pin at the top of the slide on my XD9. It was not broken and there was no sign of wear. Lately I had noticed a few light primer strikes. The gun has near 5000 round through it. Someone suggested that the striker channel could be gunked up. I decided to order a few roll pins, make sure the striker channel was clear, and replace the pin. This Youtube video was helpful.

I got the killer deal on three roll pins from PistolGear.com.

Then as I was cleaning my XD9, I used my new punch set for the first time to knock out that pin from the bottom.

The old roll pin looked OK, just dirty. I saved it.

Here's the striker indicator, spring, and spring guide. I'll get them cleaned up too.

The pin on this striker looks pretty gunky. Let's get that cleaned up too.

Here are the striker channel parts along with the back plate. Be sure to use your thumbs to keep the springs from launching all over when removing the back plate. Yes, I remembered. ;)

I was able to get some solvent and q-tips down in the channel to get it reasonably clean.

Upon reassembly, this old noob forgot to put tape on top of the slide. Plus, I was using the brass end of the hammer to drive the pin and accidentally whacked the slide. Yeah, it left a mark. Doh!

I finished cleaning it, put it all back together, did a function check, then took it to my laser range for a little dry fire practice. It worked great. Today I took it for live fire practice, with more WWB, and it worked great. No hiccups at all. My thanks to @HngnHunter and @Mike51392 for their helpful suggestions.

Thank you for your indulgence,

Great Job on the XD 9 Cliff!! Looks like you really smacked your left thumb? Gonna lose the thumbnail anyway. as best to relieve the pressure to put the hole into it. OUCH!! and a lot of 4 letter words :eek::oops:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts