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Barrel Length Decision

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I'm a first time gun owner and presently have the TT Service Model XD-40 on layaway. I chose the Two-Tone because of all the posts I had read previously about the finish wearing and felt that the silver finish would hold better than the straight black, plus the TT is smooth as hell. But with me being inexperienced and not intending to carry directly on my person (If I get CHL, I'd leave weapon in vehicle), I don't know that I wouldn't shoot better with the Tactical. Plus, with all the posts I've read now with the Armor Kote that Springfield is doing, that has eliminated the finish as the reason I chose the TT. The TT Service and the Black Tactical are both $385 in West Texas. What do you guys think? Should I just stick with the TT Service as my first weapon or should I go with the tactical? Also, down the road I think that I'd like to compete. I just don't want to make a bad decision on my first gun purchase. All your help is appreciated.

Wayne Perego
Odessa, TX
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Leaving a gun in your car is a bad decision. Don't go there.
Actually, price is $485.

impcmonk said:
Stick with the service
Is the only advantage for the service the fact that it is easier to carry concealed? Just wondering because I'm probably ordering the tactical this week, also I have no intention of bringing the gun anywhere except to the range and back home.
Every posting I've seen has said there is little difference in grouping between the 4" ad 5" for the average user. But, I own the SC. So, I can only give my $.01. I'm still looking in the couch for the other penny to drop.

I'd stick with the service. If you ever do decide to carry, it'll be a lot easier.
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