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Barrel conversion ?

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:? I'm thinking of getting a Tactical XD .45, but I want to know what, if any, conversion barrels I can get before I spend the $$. Thanks for any help. :)
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I'm not yet an owner of an XD but I asked a store to notify me when they get a .40 Bi-Tone Service model in. I decided on the XD-40 because of the ability to change the barrel to 9mm and shoot those rounds. The problem is that I haven't been able to find a source for the replacement barrels other than one from Bar-Sto for $200.00. Is that the price I have to pay to do this or is their a less expensive model available? At that price the savings relative to just buying another gun isn't very significant considering the benefit of having a second weapon.

Where do people get the replacement barrels they use?

Thanks all, this is a great site and I've learned a lot. Thank you.


I just noticed (Duh!) the reference to EFKFiredragon above and will look there too.
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