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For barrel bore & camber only....Any of you guys ever try "Remington Bore Cleaner" ? That's all it says for a name on the bottle. Its a dark gray watery liquid. After I use Hoppes 9 or some type of CLP I'll use the Remington Bore Cleaner (RBC) on a clean snug patch. After running this thru the bore a few times the patch will be black. I'll do this a few times. Lastly I use a clean patch with Hoppes 9 just be sure all the RBC is gone.

You'll never get it all out with a brush & patch. In the corners where the lands and grooves meet is an area we'll never get clean to bare metal. We don't need to.

Further on cleaning, its my observation with my own guns that cleaning too much wears things out faster.

What do yous think?


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