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Finally managed to get to a range where I could do some shooting.

Weapons used:

SA XD 40 duty model
Ruger GP100 4"
Taurus PT140 milpro
Marlin 1894 C .357 Magnum
NEF ultra varmint fluted barrel in .223
Beretta M92 decommissioned police 9mm
Glock 22 (police model current issue)

600-700 rds .40SW - both wwb and rem bargain box
40 rds .223
50 rds .357
300-400 rds 9 mm 115 gr. fmj range ammo

I have a brother who is an LEO and a SWAT member (very cool dude) that has access to a fellow team members' private range. The friend is a firearms instructor for civilian, police and swat personnel. The range has a combination of standard paper target stands, poppers, and bowling pins. firing lanes marked at 5, 7, 10 15 and 25 meters; as well as 100, 150 and 300 for rifle use. Dream of a back yard, to be sure. Most of our shooting was from the 5, 10 and 25 meter ranges. Let me also state that the temp was around 33 degrees, wind was blowing from 5-7 mph across the shooting area and it was snowing.

Besides getting a chance to shoot, my biggest reason for the arsenal was to let my bro experience and compare his G22 to my XD40, and visa versa. He was impressed with its natural pointability and function. He did not have any nast comments regarding the additoinal safety of the grip safety. Even after shooting several thousands of rounds through the glock, he said that the XD was an ergonomic improvement. I was impressed with the shootability of the glock, but after being spoiled by the fell of the XD, felt like I was gripping a piece of lumber. The finger notches were kind of funky feeling.

We started by doing pin shooting at 25m. I had made the comment that shooting pins was not too hard as my perspective has always been "aim small, miss small". He said that shooting with a pistol at 25m was not as easy as it seemed. We set up 6 pins and went at it, him first. Firing as rapidly as he could get the front sight on target (much faster than I could), he proceeded to knock the six pins down within 10 rounds. Thankfully, I was able to do the same. We then proceeded with a variety of shooting drills. It was a true pleasure learning shooting tactics and drills from someone that actually uses them. Such as chest, chest, head.

He let me shoot the NEF single shot, and I was able to make a single 1/2 inch ragged 10 round hole, albeit only from 25m. As a bargain weapon, the little single shot is very impressive. I have a 30-30 version of the same weapon, but the .223 is pretty handi.

Shooting the lever action was very impressive. I have not had the chance to shoot it in well over 5 years, so I was not sure how I or it would do. I fired 9 aimed rounds as fast as I could lever the action. I was able to keep all rounds within a 4-5 inch circle. I then set up the six pins again and rapidly knocked them down. That is also a fun gun to shoot.

If any of you are interested in competitive shooting (ipda, etc.) I discovered that, after shooting the XD rapidly and repeatedly, when I switched to the beretta, it was like switching to a .22. The difference in felt recoil was so dramatic (to me at least) that I was able to keep all rounds inside the facial outline of a police Q target at 10m. This was while shooting as fast as I could reaquire the target. This may be a good reason to either get a spare barrel for the XD, or maybe just a spare XD :) .

Shooting the PT140 was also noticeably more agreeable compared to my old PT145. The trigger pull is so much improved. The one downer with the milpro was that I realised that it shoots about 2-2.5 inches low at 10m. Does anybody know what can be done to cure this?

At the end of the session, we both loaded up all of the magazines we had and went down range for a "matrix" session. Two weapons, two hands as controlably fast as possible. I was able to actually keep all rounds inside center of mass.

Last but not least, with the 300+ rounds down range through the XD, I experienced NO fail to fires or fail to ejects. Same went for the Beretta, the glock and the taurus.

Now to clean them all.

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Sounds like it was a fun day. Lots of trigger time.
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