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The stock trigger action on my Stag Arms 2T was terrible. Creepy single stage take-up, too heavy weight, significant over-travel, and a walking hammer pin problem.

I have already addressed the walking hammer pin problem which was due to a weak/loose J wire in the Stag hammer, oversized notch in the hammer pin, and pin/receiver slop. The hammer pin walk was fixed with oversize stainless hammer/trigger pins and a replacement hammer (genuine Colt, 0.154 size). This was a temporary fix while I waited for my Rock River Arms NM two stage trigger kit to arrive.

Today I installed the RRA NM trigger on the Stag 2T and was disappointed to find that the first stage take-up was terrible. Gritty, creepy, and worse of all inconsistent. Dry fire did not help. The Stag 2T also has a "soft" safety action that does not feel appropriate on a self-defense weapon.

My RRA Varmint has a superb two stage trigger, clean, crisp, light, and no over-travel. The RRA Varmint also has a very positive (if loud) safety action. I figured I would swap the safeties, so my self-defense Stag 2T would have a positive crisp safety action and my hunting Varmint rifle would have a softer and quieter safety action (less likely to spook game).

What I discovered was that the bad first stage take-up transferred over to the Varmint rifle with the Stag safety, and the Stag 2T now had the ultra clean first stage takeup with the RRA safety.

I removed the Stag safety from the Varmint and found irregullar burrs in the Stag safety's notch. The rear tang of the trigger slides inside this notch during the first stage. The burrs were causing the bad trigger action. I carefully stoned out these burrs, making sure not to widen or deepen the safety notch. I then reblued the part, reoiled, and put the Stag safety back in the Varmint.

That completely solved the trigger problem and now both rifles have excellent clean and crisp two stage triggers. Both passed all safety checks. The RRA NM trigger on the Varmint is ultra clean and light (good for a long range weapon) as if it had been tuned at the factory. The RRA NM trigger installed on the Stag 2T turned out to be ultra clean but more moderate in weight, which is perfect for a self-defense weapon.

This fix required a delicate amount of honing and should not be done by novice gunsmiths. Removing too much metal could make your AR unsafe. I just wanted to point out that a bad first stage take-up may not be due to a bad trigger, but a bad safety.
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