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I figured getting off the exploding post might be a good idea :shock:

I just bought an XD9 subcompact for 399.99 + tax. It was on sale down from a regular price of 459.99. All the black and green basic XDs, all sizes, were the same price. 500.00 seems a little high, so it may be worth your time to look around a little more. The promotional package should not run up the price as it is supposed to be a promo where you get some free stuff. The holster was 19.99 and the mags sell for about 20, so spending 40 extra dollars for a free promo does not wash. I called Springfield and they said they would send me the mag and holster promo for 6.95 shipping if I sent proof of purchase, so now I am waiting for them to send me a box of goodies!

As to the 9mm question, I have not shot this pistol in .40SW, but have been told by many that it is "snappy". I take that to mean recoil or muzzle flip can be pronounced, which can be discouraging to a new shooter. It tends to teach flinching and "pushing" the gun, and the first thing you learn can be the hardest to unlearn. I know someone mentioned taking a class, and that is valuable advice. Your gun store folks or your local policeare good places to ask about QUALIFIED certified instruction. As others have probably said, if you can, hook up with someone who has what you are thinking about and go for a test drive.

As for ammo, you will probably wind up practicing with Blazer or American Eagle ball ammo, but you must find the defensive round that is reliable and accurate for your gun. You should shoot plenty of whatever your testing shows works best for you. I realize that I'm telling you to spend potentially hundreds of dollars on ammo and you just want to know what works, but my Golden Saber +P (or whatever) recomendation could screw you with a jamming, inaccurate turd if you take it as gospel.

Just out of curiosity, why a 4" instead of a subcompact if the goal is a concealed carry gun? I generally wear the "relaxed fit" jeans and can drop the Sub in a front pocket.
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