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Attn: UT Shooters - UDPL Handgun match (IDPA rules)

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Just thought you guys may be interested. Next big weekend match is coming up on 4/23/05. UDPL (UT Defensive Pistol League) uses IDPA rules as guidlines, but these are more "funshoots" than serious competition. Here is the link to this shoot (along with other upcoming ones):


Check out UDPL as well:

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If you enjoy shooting, I think you might like this stuff. I've only been casually shooting these matches for a few months now. I was hooked after the first night. The UDPL guys for the most part make things a casual atmosphere (except for safety!) and no one seems to take the "competition" seriously other than just improving their skills. There are typically no prizes, money etc. at any of these...just bragging rights. I was very apprehensive before my first match,...I was worried that it was going to be this ultra intense event and it really wasn't. Just a bunch of guys (and girls) who love to shoot and hang out to tell stories. As you become more well known with the regulars, there tends to be some mild ribbing/teasing that goes on. Most guys make fun of themselves before anyone else! Most likely I will be there unless I get outvoted by the wife. She's been wanting to try one of these matches as well...shes been to a few to watch but no shooting yet.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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