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Does anyone own a AK-47 from ARS? If so, would you recommend me getting one from him? Is this a quality AK47 for the price?

Arizona Response Systems

  • 7.62x39mm semiautomatic rifles
  • Romanian "G" AKM parts demilitarized from new or like new rifles
  • chrome lined barrels and chambers
  • NDS-3 US fully heat treated receiver
  • TAPCO G2 fire control group fitted for proper engagement
  • TAPCO US gas piston
  • TAPCO US slant brake
  • magazine well tested with Romanian, Chinese, Bulgarian waffle, Polish, and Hungarian magazines
  • magazine catch height adjusted for proper engagement
  • headspace passes with original arsenal gauges
  • barrel straightness passes with original arsenal gauges
  • chamber dimension passes with original arsenal gauges
  • extractor adjustment passes with original arsenal gauges
  • crown erosion passes with original arsenal gauges
  • firing pin protrusion passes with original arsenal gauges.
  • sights aligned with original military boresight collimeter
  • rifles are test-fired for function and zeroed
  • METACOL III satin black finish over manganese phosphate Parkerizing
  • wood refinished with minimum 5 coats of laquer
  • includes one 30 round magazine

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I bought my AK from Mark; it it fabulous. Many of my fellow shooters have told me it is the best-looking AK they've ever seen. Mark has also done work on several of my pistols--top notch!:D
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