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In the Arizona Republic date 1-1-05
Sandra Susan Forman
Position: Incomming President, National Rifle Association

Job : Employment litigation and Mediation attorney

Age: 55

City Of residence: Tucson , Arizona

Education Stanford Univ. / Harvard Univ. school of Law.

Her Goal: " The image of the NRA needs to be corrected. The stereotype needs to be debunked. We need to deversify membership and dispel myths of the NRA. The media wants to paint us all as a bunch of babbas and ******** , but it's simply not trure."

Officially Forman will become President Ofthe NRA in April at the NRA's convention in Huston.Her new job will continue to keep Arizona a State where the love affair with firearms hasn't ebbed since territorial day's.Arizona has some of the least-restrictive firearms law in the country,including a fairly liberal law allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons, Residents who pass a background check and undergo 16 hrs of firearms training are allowed to carry concealed weapons.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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