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Are there any FFL's in here that can order XD's??

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Well, I've had my XD-40 for a few years (which I love) and just bought a sub 9 last friday. You'd think I'd be satisifed :twisted: Anyway, I was wondering if anyone on here could order a 4" .45 GAP with the OD frame. I've looked everywhere and cant find one. Dealers in town suck. I'm shooting for getting it in the next few weeks and didnt know if anyone could order it for me and have it shipped to my FFL. Thanks.
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Sure, Ajames can do it. That is where I got mine.

Last I heard, turn around was quick, and was priced
at $420 shipped to FFL.


Scout his page in the commercial section of the forum or
email him at his email address on his web site posted

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