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I bought me a Ruger AR556 last December on a whim, as they were on sale for pretty cheap at the local farm store. I traded my last one for a couple of WASR10's about ten years ago, and that was a much better deal.

But I made the mistake of putting some crappy mil dot scope I've had around for who knows how long on it, because it had a rail integrated in the scope. It wouldn't hold zero, groups wondered around everywhere, was doing good to shoot 3" at 100 yards with any ammo I put in it. I was highly disappointed, and finally conceded I needed a different scope. Decided on a Nikon 223 2-8x, and got it zeroed a few months ago. Hadn't really shot it any since, though. Grabbed it today, though, because I thought I'd run by the range after work and run some sub 50 yard drills. One of the mags was still half loaded with M855, and since I was headed to the range with 300 yards of space, I checked zero with the M855 and some Wolf I had along at 100 yards, and ran a silhouette out to 300.

It was zeroed initially for the M855 and Walmart special Federal 55 gr FMJ to hit minute of bad guy/minute of pie plate at 0 to 300, or that was the plan, but I hadn't shot any of the M855 at the longer range yet. Held aim right on the neck of the target in the event that it dropped five or six inches, but when it held pretty much where it was aimed, I left it up to put a few rounds of Wolf on paper, as well. It did just fine, although it groups somewhat lower than the Federal loads.

I'm super pleased. 12 rounds of M855 in just over 2 MOA at 315, and eight rounds of Wolf steel cased (calling the one shot a flier) in just under 2.5 MOA, with the rifle just draped over my range bag, not trying for any real precision is so much better that what it exhibited before.

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There is no sin in improved irons if you can't afford a good optic. My M&P 15 Sport 2. I put a Troy Industries folding rear sights to replace the MAGPUL plastic rear sights. I put also a Blitzkrieg Components LLC luminescent green triangle front sight post replacement, too. I regularly score 18 out of 25 rounds fired.
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