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I am trying to finish up my current AR build and I am looking at triggers. I was going to install a straight forward mil-spec trigger but after reading several articles on the different triggers out there, I started doing some research on the following tiggers:

I have read all of the pros and cons with each set up, for example; They say Timney Triggers are great and just drop right into the lower receiver but are extremel finicky when getting them adjusted just right. The others tend to be a little harder to install compared to the Timney but are not as cantankerous to adjust. I have heard nothing bad about the gold trigger by American Trigger Corp; does anybody have any good honest experience with any of these triggers (no brand loyalists please). I am trying to make narrow my decision down and right now I am going back and forth between Geissele and the Gold Trigger....

Thoughts? Suggestions?
Geissele is the best and they have never let me down.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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