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ar talk people

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always helping out alot!

i hardly click on the xd sections now
only ar talk lol
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That's why I hangout here too........hardly get out of this sub forum. :D
Slowly raises hand and says yup I've got BRD bad!!!!:mrgreen: It's the first sub forum I always check first!!!
A couple months ago, I rarely visited the AR Talk room. I started checking out XDTalk.com just before I bought my first XD, an XD9 subcompact. Then, I was convinced that I had to get an XD45 tactical. Soon, I found myself hanging around in the M1911 room. A couple of 1911s later I began lurking around AR Talk. Something happened, and now I have one complete build and another on in the works.

AR Talk is the first room I come to now. Obviously, my lurking around in these forums has cost me some $$. :shock:
i never leave the sub forum except on the rare occasion that i want to look in the Ammo Can for something new on reloading.

heck my favorites tab is set to take me straight here.

I actually sold my XD about a year ago. (nothing wrong with the XD mind you i just already had a Glock 17, 19, 34, 26, 27 and just wanted to keep it all the same so i let the XD go and bought another Glock. I have an account on glockTalk but there are way to many GLock or nothing snobs over there for my liking.
Mvician...My co Witness mount came in yesterday. Thanks again for your help in that! Got is on today. Now to wait till I come upon a deal on the optics! Also took my AR to my LGS and he swapped the stock out for the extendable one. Looking more and more tacticool. He said once the rush dies down, if I don't like the BiCAM, that he can change the upper portion out for around 2 or 250...Don't remember exactly. Also Said I can get the quad rails for around 150...Hmmmmmmm. Damn AR!!! She loves the $$$$$$$!
I usta be a strictly XD9 handgunner, until EBRD struck my immune system and shut it down completely. It started with 2 mags, then I was at 10. Wanting to be more manly, I bought more mags. Then I found PMags again. So I bought more mags. And more ammo. Now I'm thinking unless I get a Daniel Defense Omega 7, I won't be able to live. I'm quite stricken. What happened? Oh...my friend sold me an AR I apparently could not live without. Good deal? Great deal :) Hmmm.....life would've been easier in September had I been broke.
When I first got on XDTalk I would visit the XD General forum and the Chatter Box Forum.

Then I would visit the above two and the Other Gun/Non XD forum, which kinda turned into an M1A forum for awhile :D.

Now pretty much the only thing I read is the AR Talk forum. Too much work to do all four. And Chatter Box is getting crowded.
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