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Anyone with a rust problem?

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I haven't had a rust problem since I just bought my XD not too long ago. But a friend of mine warned me today that my gun with rust in the inside. Is this a problem with the XDs or just the older ones?
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Anything made out of steel will rust if it's not protected. Even stainless steel will eventually rust. A few people have had an issue with some rust on XD's that didn't seem to get a good coating from the factory, but most, including myself, haven't had any problems at all.

I think your friend has more of a rust problem than the XD's do. Put some gun grease on your friend,cook him in the oven @ 250 degrees for 10 minutes. That should do it.
Did I read that right?? your friend says that the gun has rust inside?

a) what did you see when you looked inside?
2) where is the rust?
43) How do you take care of your gun? products etc.
69) all unprotected metal rusts. period.
98) clean and protect it, properly

Its been about 4 weeks since I shot last. After shooting I do a basic field strip, clean it, dry it, apply armadillo and last time applied liquid teflon to all parts. I store the gun in my garage, unheated, I just looked at it, not a spot of rust anywhere.

Maybe you should try a different product when cleaning your gun or a different method of cleaning it. not a question, just a statement.

If all guns didn't rust, then the stores would not sell the electric heating rods, dry silica to absorb moisture, etc..

Depending on how you respond will determine if you are trying to cause trouble having come over from another forum or truly concerned.

Let us know more details, many friendly knowledgable people here who can help with product and method suggestions.
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I think the rust issue somewhat of a moot point. Yeah it seems that XD's have rust issues but its not like your screwed if it happens to you. Springfield will re-coat it for free.

The way it sounds is theres only a limited number with rust problems.
Rust? Is that the stuff you're not suppose to eat for fear of lead poisoning?
OOHH my bad. That's paint chips on old cars. MY BAD :oops: :mrgreen:
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