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I exclusively use this tool for trimming 556/223 brass. every case comes out exact 1.7485 with little effort. I love it. only complaint , and it may be user error?? but my case necks take way to much pressure , say 8/10 times when attempting to trim. sometime the case will slide right on the guide and up to the blades. I thought it may have been from off center flas holes stopping the guide rod but that was only the case on some. I set my headspace to .002 smaller than my chamber so an adjustment there to change neck tension is out of the question.
should I ease .0005 of the guide rod with sand paper or something to ease the tight fit Into the necks or is something else at play here? like I said sometimes it slips right on no problem. I clean and lube when needed, and not excessively. Any suggestion? my palms are bruised lol!!!!

You already posted this in another forum! Either trim before sizing or check the neck thickness of your cases.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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