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Anyone use fanny pack style holster for CCW?

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I never see anyone mention the fanny pack style holster for concealed carry. I use one for my CCW and it works great. Holds IDs, tear gas, pocket knife and extra loaded magazines. I've noticed that some of these are too big, but I have one that is compact and just right for my S&W 3913 9mm. Can't wear this in some situtations, like when you have to be dressed up, but just wondering who likes or dislikes these?

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I have been looking at one. They had some nice ones where I bought my gun, and it looks like it would be really good for me in a lot of instances. The guy at the store uses one on occasion and said he liked it. Glad to hear another positive on it.
To me, they scream "I HAVE A GUN!".
SLCDave said:
To me, they scream "I HAVE A GUN!".
I must agree with Dave, when I see a fanny pack I assume it contains a pistol.
IN the right situation it is completely invisible. i.e. tourist locations or for outdoors activities. I routinely carry in a fanny pack when out walking, biking, hiking, or while traveling to vacation spots.

No method of carry is perfect for all occasions, and this is no exception. When lots of tourists are using fanny packs nobody notices. Mine isn't a tactical black fanny pack, and I put a souvenir Mesa Verde National Park patch on the front to disquise it. Hey, the parks prohibit guns, so for sure it couldn't be a gun pack, right?
If you think of all the people carrying fanny packs at public events, how many of those look like 60 dollar leather gun packs? Not that many. That's the one thing that tips me off. I can spot those out of a sea of 10 dollar wal-mart specials with ease. If I was going to carry in a fanny pack I would head down to walmart, find one for 10 bucks with some stupid logo stuck on it, and carry in that.
SLCDave said:
To me, they scream "I HAVE A GUN!".
I have to agree also.
I have a Galco for my 3913 but it is big and I think obvious.
The only time it screams "GUN" is to gun people. To the sheeple it is a "*** bag", which is just out of fashion but still used. I use one for sporting activities or on a motorcycle. If I were to buy one for carry, I would get one with the retention straps that hook to the belt. I have seen some really good pickpockets. Some can take even a belt off of you.

Don't call them fanny packs in Australia. It is slang for homosexual. Sort of like saying turd pusher or something to that nature.
I have one, and use it on occasion.

I think that to those of us who carry, it might, as SLCDave says, 'scream "I HAVE A GUN!".' However, I haven't ever gotten even a sideways glance, as far as I know, when I carry in the pack.

It's also a convenient way to carry a small digital camera, etc. and doing so makes it even more unlikely that anyone will spot the fact that it's a gun pack.

On the other hand, a friend of mine and his wife were recently in a mall, and my friend said to her, "That person is carrying."

How did he know? He recognized the concealment vest. But no one else in the mall even looked at the wearer, my friend said.

Having said all that, it's also true that sometimes it's a pain in the -- fanny. (Sorry; couldn't resist!)

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Yes,I use a Galco Escort fanny pack in hot weather.I don't care if it screams "I have a gun,or *** bag".The gun is hidden from sight and that is what Pa's license to carry says.It is also a very comfortable way of wearing a gun.tom.
I have a fanny pack that I use on occasion. And I agree, they only scream "gun" to those that are gun aware.

Also, don't overlook the simple, inexpensive options either. Below are pictures of a digital camera bag from Comp USA outfitted with an insert to keep the gun properly oriented and for non-snag draw.

This is my Colt Mustang with two extra mags. How "invisible" is it? Our small office went to lunch the other day and the three staff members that were in the car with me know that I "sometimes" carry. The office manager was in the front seat with me and she asked if I had gun in the car. The other gun enthusiast in the car said, "He'll never tell." This bag with the Mustang was between us on the seat. She never suspected it was right next to her.

Looking for one just slightly bigger with the same quick release for the XD-Sub.

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A few years back, my wife sewed LL Bean labels from the back of some shirts on fanny packs for disguise.

I now use a Galco fanny pack, maroon in color, also have one in blue. Wife has one in bright green. Not sure if Galco still markets the colors.

I have been "made" while carrying in a fanny pack and under a concealment vest, but only by gun aware people. Not a problem unless you are somewhere you aren't supposed to have a gun.

The other guy is right. There is no perfect concealment option that covers all situations. Strong side pocket carry, or ankle holster carry is the closest. But, these options mandate very compact guns and don't give you any place for spare mags or speedloader, pepper spray, and Surefire light.
32Special said:
...There is no perfect concealment option that covers all situations. Strong side pocket carry, or ankle holster carry is the closest. But, these options mandate very compact guns and don't give you any place for spare mags or speedloader, pepper spray, and Surefire light.
So you can't carry any of those things in your pocket?
I use one for bicycling but that is the only time I use it. I guess I could justify using it for other outdoor activities also but that is about the only one I do. It is a DeSantis and has quick acess and is just the right size.

I have one I like quite a bit. The brand is Coronado, it is distressed brown leather, and it has a holster inside instead of straps or elastic. Because it is distressed brown leather, I don't think it screams gun as much as the black nylon ones. I'm with the others who say that they don't really care if gun people know I'm carrying, I just don't want people who are afraid of guns freaking out. With a fanny pack there is almost no chance of accidentally exposing the pistol.
We had a get-together with my mother-in-law's side of the family recently and my wife's cousin's husband comes in wearing a leather fanny pack. I'm probably the only one that noticed but it was quite obvious he was packing. Mostly because you could see where the leather was stretching at the barrel and at the butt of the pistol. Also he kept pulling it up...it was obviously heavy. I've never seen someone so obviously packing a "concealed" handgun.

brad cook
Voice of Butthead:

"Ahhheheheh...Fanny pack...Heheheh.."
I have many carry rigs to fit the various occassions.The one I like the most is a $150 fine leather custom embroidered "Glock Logo"fanny pack,er..I mean sports pack.It has an "NRA"patch too.Do you think I'm being to obvious? I had to get a good pack to hold that heavy Glock 21.Wait....what site am I on...er....er...I mean XD-40!Yeah...that's it...XD-40!! Anyway,since I read this thread I went to Wally World and bought the cheapest non threatening pack I could find.I really like it but now my 6 y.o. daughter says she wants the same Barbie pack I have.Whew.....the hassles of just trying to protect ones self and the family!! O.K. ya'll saw through that one,here we go: low cost black "pleather"waist pack w/3 zippered pockets.One has my keys,spare mag,and of course the implement of the day.(which may be an XD-40,Sigma-40,G21,22,30 or S&W mod.38 loaded hot) I have never been given a second look or felt like I have been "discovered".Everywhere from resturants,movies,zoo,dept.stores etc.I think alot has to do with how you carry yourself and your tip-offs you may give. i.e. adjusting your shirt/coat alot.Pack appears very heavy,bulges and the like.I especially like to watch a police officer for any "eyeballing"when I may be in their presence or vicinity.Again,if you look and act the part of John q citizen then that's just what you appear to be........Herman.
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Good stuff, thanks Herman :D

I think the fanny pack is just another option (out of many) to carry and it is one that is very effective. If I need to run, pick something up, crawl under a car, or any other physical movments, it is a good feeling to know your pistol won't go falling to the floor. Extra mags and many other items are self contained in one unit.
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