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I want to buy the thing right now but I cannot find any reviews. In the NRA American Rifleman magazine it looks like it would ride very close to the body. On Galco's website, it looks like it also rides very high. I can't tell much about the leather itself, but it doesn't appear to be the smooth type (what's it called) like I am used to. Looks kind of like suede???

I like both the high and tight position and it looks OK as far as I can tell and since I may start doing some OC the thumbbreak is good for me. Hell it's only $33 delivered to me. When I think about how many purses my wife has bought in any given year, I should just order the thing and try it out. But I am just too damn frugal--I've already started my holster drawer collection. The thing is, I am waiting on a belt and that is making me wait on getting the Comp-Tac Minotaur, and in the mean time I am using an XD9 SOB holster so I can carry my new (to me) P229 DAK.

Shoot, I'll just wait and see if anyone here has tried it.

Thanks, guys!
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