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Anyone buy from EvilBlackRifleshop.com?

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Nevermind, they don't seem to want my money today as they don't take discover...

OK, the ZEN CART outfit that handles their ordering/payment processes is kinda wonky, but all in all they seem pretty good.
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I have gotten a lot of stuff from Pete (the owner). Off the top of my head...RRA upper, EoTech, TA31DOC, a few BCGs, gas tubes, misc roll pins, etc... He is a great guy. If you call him he will also take Money Orders. He is a vendor on Calguns and Pirate4x4.com's outdoor forum. Great customer service, and all around a great guy.
I'm glad someone has had some degree of dealings with them, I couldn't really find anything online about them...

I may end up ordering stuff from them yet.
Just as a heads up, he has a regular day job so he may not answer his email for a few hours, he's good about getting back to you at the end of the day though. He is a full FFL07 with his SOT, meaning he can deal in NFA stuff if you are interested. I'll be buying a suppressor or two from him this fall.
Oh, and here is a ridiculously good deal/set of deals that Pete has going right now. Just a heads up to everyone else...

Many people have been asking for a complete carbine kit using either CMMG or Stag parts. Neither of these companies produce a complete kit themselves, even though you can purchase the items individually.

CMMG does manufacture parts for some third parties to sell as kits but these are not CMMG Logo items and are not the same items you would get if you ordered directly from CMMG. http://www.fireforeffect.biz/shop/in...?cat=3&shop=1&

So what we have done is to put together some 16” carbines kits. And as a way to introduce them we are doing a special sale between now and the election.

Economy & Election Emergency Kits (EEEK)

  • There are four different kits.
  • For each kit purchased you can also get a stripped receiver at a special lower then our normal prices.
  • The prices include shipping. If you wish to add other items from our store to your order they will also qualify for the free shipping. Yes my shopping cart will not reflect this, but shipping on entire order is free.
  • The prices are for money order purchases. Orders placed with credit card will need to pay an additional 4% service charge.
  • The details are fully explained on the web site.
  • The kits include a 16” barreled upper receiver, charging handle, bolt carrier group, lower parts kit and collapsible stock.
  • For each kit, all of the parts will be from the listed manufacturer and will be the exact same parts you can order directly from the manufacturer's web site.
  • Each upper is assembled and test by the manufacturer prior to it getting shipped to me. I just put all the stuff in a box and send it off.
  • If you purchase the receiver with the kit we will be including a free magazine and a sling.

A rear carry handle or BUIS can be added to the order. The Stag H2 kit has had the BUIS removed from the upper to get the price lower.

All of these kits feature Off List Lowers and we are a CA-DOJ registered FFL and can ship the receiver to CA. If you wish to add a MagLock this is also possible for $25.

CMMG 16” M4 or Mid Length kits are going to be 610$ (combined parts from CMMG would be $710)


Stag 2H kits are going to be $510 (with the MI BUIS this kit is $590, total from Stag would be $680)

Double Star 16” Carbine kits are going to be $450 (normally $479 from DS)

For details please go here.

I am having issues getting the free shipping working in the online cart, but fear not, you will NOT be charged shipping on these.


Stag Parts

A Stag kit ready to ship

Lots of CMMG stuff

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