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Any left handers feeling left out buying holsters?

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I have been to every gun and sporting goods store in 2 counties. All I want is a left handed iwb holster. Not one store carries them (or any other) left handed holsters. I know I can order one, but I like instant gratification. Is it just my area, or are most other left handed guys left out in the stores?
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I've ordered all mine, and/or just use simple nylon ambi pocket holsters.
you get what you pay for. When you pay $50 instore.

Your paying for materials, corporate owners and the storefront. Not quality. There isn't a holster I use I bought in a store.

Get a good holster, stop feeling slighted. Raven Concealment Systems

Any holster company worth buying from makes left hand holsters.
My favorite holsters come from Nelson Holsters
I have a cheap $15 holster from Sportsmans that I use. Other than that its all custom made Kydex holsters.
I know quality matters, but I did a side job after work and made $150 for 40 minutes work. Decided I wanted a new holster so I went searching. :)
I know quality matters, but I did a side job after work and made $150 for 40 minutes work. Decided I wanted a new holster so I went searching. :)
Slow your role dear sir. Breathe and wait for quality. Raven Concealment Systems order there
Slow your role dear sir. Breathe and wait for quality. Raven Concealment Systems order there
Yes, sir. Headed there now. Thanks for the link.
Agree with the Amazon recommendation. I am probably on average with five different holsters, in search of the perfect one.
Just found out there is a big gun show this weekend nearby. Headed there after work tomorrow.
I too am in my "right mind". I conceal carry with Crossbreed Supertucks. For other purposes, I have found my local gun shops usually have a box-o-holsters in the back they will let me poke through. I have found several great, lightly used lefty Bianchi, Fobus, and other brands for $20 or less. Check out your LGS...you may just get lucky.
Happy hunting!
Simpy rugged holsters @ simplyrugged.com
I'm a lefty and I use either Blackhawk SERPAs for OWB/range work, and my Crossbreed Supertuck IWB for carry. Supertuck wasn't cheap but so worth every penny! I've been carrying my PPS 9mm in it for over a year now, and it's superb in all seasons! I highly recommend it
Simpy rugged holsters @ simplyrugged.com
Another vote for Simply Rugged. Great communication and product. Have a lefty pancake for my GP100, and it is simple and functional.
I have two NOS/NEW LH IWB holsters listed for sale in the classifieds.

Update: Both holsters sold, gone.
Finally ordered a holster. Well, two actually. Decided on alien gear for concealed. Serpa for open carry at the range. Alien gear will take 6 weeks, but based on the recommendations here it seems worth it.
Left handers finding much of anything local is a joke. Most what you find locally, if you even find it locally, is really cheap and almost not worth taking out of the store.
I just ordered and received a cowboy style revolver ammo belt with holster. I bought it on Ebay and delivered it was $69. I was wondering what to expect and I was happily surprised.
I also on Ebay ordered a revolver ambidextrous holster with belt slide through for $21 that fits most all caliber revolvers. This holster is made with very heavy leather with hammer leather catch and really a quality build. I can put this holster on my other new gun belt and have .22 revolver on one side while my 357 revolver in the left side holster.
Got them both today and more than satisfied with both.
If open carry passes then I am ready. Not like I would do it unless many were doing it.


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I have a Raven for my XDsc for OWB carry and an Alien Gear for IWB. I like the Alien Gear so much I just purchased another shell to carry my XDs in. One big advantage of the Raven is that it can be converted from OWB to IWB soft loops, tuckable offset soft loops, from regular OWB belt loops to pancake wings, to OWB quick mount straps in just a matter of a couple of minutes. I currently run mine with the standard OWB belt loops, but have the offset tuckable IWB soft loops and the pancake wings. Plus the Raven shipped within 5 days...
The Alien Gear... well more like 4.5 weeks, but still absolutely worth the wait especially for the price.
It really does suck as a lefty as I tried all of the local stores in my neck of the woods and they had nothing for IWB. I ended up ordering my holster from Firearm Holster after reading all of the reviews on this forum.

It's a really nice holster and is comfortable for me. Given the price, I figured why the hell not give it a try? I was not disappointed. Also, Gavin is a stand up guy. Had a little snafu and he took care of it immediately and made sure that I was satisfied with the resolution.

OP, if you're thinking of a 3rd holster, definitely keep this one in mind.
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