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Another one followed me home today...

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Last January I bought a SA XD-9 service model, black frame and slide. For some reason I was really holding off getting an XD, I had heard a lot of good things about them, but I just hadn't taken the next step. Well, since I bought it, the XD has taken it's place as my favorite pistol that I own! It ranks higher than my Glocks, and H&K USP's (well, the H&K USP 45 is a close second), but that's just me.

Anyway, I had a Kel-tec P3AT that was completely reliable, but it just wasn't quite for me. So I sold it, and decided to get my XD-9 a little brother.

This morning I picked up a brand new XD-9 sub-compact, black frame and slide, which a local shop was selling. To my suprise it came with the package that SA had offered earlier this year; the XD-gear holster, and three magazines (one of which is the 15 round mag with grip extension)! I was happy with the price ($430), compared to what I'd seen localy ($430-$450), but even happier when I found out it had the extra 15 round mag and cheap holster (which the other shops didn't have)!

I know it's not real exciting, but I'm happy and thought I would share!

Take care,
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Sounds like a good deal to me. I'm likely to go the other way, however. To compliment my XD-9 Service, I'm thinking of a Tactical maybe in .45 GAP; or wait- a .40 S&W; no, another 9mm! What to do, what to do?
you can always get a conversion barrel
Anyone know if the .45 GAP is interchangeable?
I'm already in the planning phase for my next pistol, which will be the XD40 tactical. I'm going to get the a 357sig barrel for it as well.
Congrats on your new pistol. Seems like it was a good day for XD9 sub sales. I got one too, for the same price. Dealer had sold 2 more right before I got to his store. Luckily I got his last one, now my bi-tone 9 4 inch has alittle brother. :D :D
I took the new XD9-SC to the range last night, for the first time.

Total I put 310 rounds through it. Mostly WWB, but also 80 rounds of Speer Gold Dot. No failures or malfunctions of anytype. I also used all my mags (even the ones for my Service XD9) and it didn't hicup once.

It was a little hard to group at first, all my shots were on the paper (8.5"X11")at 10 yards, but scattered quite a bit. Once the round count went up the groups started tightening up a lot. It deffinately grouped better with the Speer GD. It might have been a problem with the nut behind the trigger too (read operator getting used to new gun).

All in all, I need more practice with this one, but I am very happy with the results.

Now if anyone has any suggestions of a RH IWB leather holster, I'd love to hear what others like/don't like.
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