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Just wanted to bring up a topic of Airsoft. Some of you may have seen or heard about it.

I run an Airsoft field here in Central Iowa and those of us who carry use the sport as a good training tool for defensive shooting. The games make you do common maneuvers; running and shooting, finding cover quickly, drawing a weapon quickly, etc.

If anyone is interested in checking this out, feel free to visit our site, http://www.AirsoftIowa.com

Many of the local Airsoft players come from a background in military or simply an interest in guns and/or combat. It's nice to be able to buy the Airsoft version of the real guns you have. Unfortunately there has yet to be an XD model hit the market...but people are definately asking for it.

I've also hosted a couple Airsoft pistol competitions IPSC/IDPA style and plan to have more in the future (usually more often in the winter because we do those games indoors).
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