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I went out to the "range" this afternoon. A few friends and I shot a variety of pistols and rifles at targets and a bunch of gallon jugs of water. I shot my new bitone XD-9 about 50+ flawless rounds of Speer Lawman and UMC and a few rounds of Corbon and Gold Dot. I can really shoot well with this pistol. It was fun shooting the gallon jugs of water at 50+ yards. 150 total rounds with no fte or ftf.

We shot some of the Corbon and Gold Dot hollow points into sand filled gallon jugs. The bullets expanded very nicely. Almost too much.

I shot a friend's Glock 22 .40 caliber. It was okay. Not as much recoil as I thought. But I'll stick with my XD! I like the trigger much better on the XD. Nice guy but a Glock snob. He would barely look at my XD. He said he liked it alright after he shot a few rounds. He was just trying to be nice.

I did have my first malfunction with the Springfield GI .45. Somehow a Blazer Brass case did not fully eject and lodged backwards into the chamber. Hmmm. Cleared the problem case and continued to fire subsequent rounds with no problem. 260 total rounds - only one fte. Not worried.
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