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Some of you may have read this already but I thought I'd post a link to an interesting article I found on handguns and personal protection here in Michigan.

It seems that the actions of law-abiding, CCW people have impressed even some skeptics of allowing U.S. citizens to exercise our Constitutional right to bear arms for self-defense.

Screw you hippie commies! LOL



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The Natural Right of Self-Defense

By Timothy Wheeler, M.D.

Posted December 21, 2000
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The people of Michigan have reclaimed a right as natural as the north woods — the right of self-defense. Their legislature just passed a "shall issue" law, and the governor is expected to sign it soon. The law will require the government to issue a license to carry a handgun for self-defense to qualified applicants.

That right has belonged to the people of Michigan all along. Statesmen from ancient Rome to the American Revolution laid the foundation in law for the right of self-defense. America's founders were influenced by these classic philosophic teachings and the European tradition derived from them.

"Civilized people are taught by logic, barbarians by necessity, communities by tradition; and the lesson is inculcated even in wild beasts by nature itself," wrote the great Roman orator Marcus Tullius Cicero. "They learn that they have to defend their own bodies and persons and lives from violence of any and every kind by all the means within their power."

Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Samuel Adams were among the political minds that shaped the American understanding about the role of firearms in society. These and many other statesmen of the founding era left a clear record of their belief that individual Americans had the right to own firearms and to use them for defense of self and family, not just for "sporting purposes."

Until now, Michigan law required law-abiding, mentally competent citizens to obtain permission from local law enforcement officials to carry a self-protection handgun, or even to purchase one. Under this discretionary law local officials could and often did deny carry permits to all but a select few. The many citizens who were rejected for permits were told to rely on the police for protection against contemporary barbarians.

But American courts have ruled again and again that police have no duty to protect individuals from deadly assault. The only alternatives for a person in such danger are to rely on the mercy of criminals or to carry a gun illegally. No one should be forced to break the law to exercise a basic right.

Can law-abiding people in Michigan be trusted to carry self-defense firearms? There is no mystery about what happens when a state enacts a shall-issue carry law. The amazingly consistent experience of one state after another has been that firearm misuse among permit holders has been virtually nonexistent.

The laws are strict. As in many other states, Michigan applicants will be required to complete firearms training, to have no record of violent criminal behavior, and to have no drug or alcohol dependence. They can look forward to the same extraordinary scrutiny of their conduct that all other states have applied to their permit holders.

Michigan anti-gun activists rehashed all the doomsday arguments their counterparts had made in the states that had already enacted shall issue laws. Ignoring years of experience to the contrary, they warned that a carry permit law would result in shootouts over fender-benders, gun fights to settle trivial disputes, and innocent blood in the streets. They needn't have worried.

The experience of over a dozen states since the 1970s has shown that carry permit holders almost never commit violent crimes, particularly with the guns they were licensed to carry. To their credit, previously skeptical public officials changed their minds after seeing the undisputed success of carry-permit laws in their own states.

"It has impressed me how remarkably responsible the permit holders have been," said Colonel James Wilson, Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety. After monitoring Florida permit holders for over two years, Metro-Dade Police Department Director Fred Taylor conceded that "further research was not conducted due to the small number of ... permit holders found to be involved in incidents during the initial study period."

What will happen under Michigan's new carry permit law? Past experience suggests that fewer than 5% of eligible people will apply for a permit. This tiny percentage will be among Michigan's most responsible and prudent men and women.

The cost of licensing and the burden of responsibility will be borne only by license holders. But the protective effect will benefit both them and those who choose not to carry a gun, because criminals won't know who is carrying and who isn't.

Should we be surprised at the great benefits of carry permit laws? America's founders knew much about human nature, both the dark side and the life affirming. They counseled trust in good people everywhere to use the power of armed self-defense with wisdom and discretion. So, too, can the people of Michigan be trusted to exercise that power with humility and courage, for the general good of their society. It's only natural.

i hate it when people dont post the article.
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