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Bear with me as I construct this list.. All Ammunition for sale is my own personal ammo. Has been stored in a cool dry place :) Cleaning out what I don't shoot a lot of.

Since the price of gas has gone up, so have shipping costs. So that I try and break even on shipping, I'm going to try it like this. Each single box you buy will cost $6.50 to ship. Each box in addition to the first will cost an additional $2.00 to ship. So Two boxes of ammo will cost you $8.50 to ship. Three $10.50. Four 12.50. Five Boxes and up will be $12.50. Buy the whole Lot, and I will ship it for $14.00.

I will accept Paypal as a gift (to cover fees), and or Money Order/Well concealed $$$. I keep my mailing address and paypal addy private, so PM me for payment information.

As always, prices are OBO..I usually base my price off what it costs at ATG. They typically charge at min $9-$10.00 shippng now..

First, Winchester Ranger T-Series .45ACP. 230gr. RA45T (50 rounds) $36.00

Second, Winchester Ranger T-Series .45ACP 230gr. +P RA45TP (50 rounds) $37.00

Third, Federal HST .40S&W, 135gr. XM40HA (50 rounds) $17.00 SOLD

Fourth, Privi Partizan .30-06 Springfield 150gr FMJ. (20 rounds) $12.00 SOLD

Fifth, Remington 44 Magnum 240gr SJHP. R44MG3 22 of 25 rounds remaining $18.75 SOLD

Sixth, Winchester Dual Bond. 44 Magnum. 240gr DJHP Bonded Hunting. S44RMDB 18 of 20 rounds reamining. $22.50 SOLD

Seventh, Privi Partizan .308/7.62x51mm. 145gr FMJBT (40 rounds) $21.00

Eigth, Dag .308/7.62x51mm 147gr FMJ. (20 rounds). $10.00

Ninth, Elite Ammunition Bench .223 70gr TSX. Virgin LC brass. 16 of 20 rounds remaining $22.00 SOLD

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I would.love a box of the ranger.but.I don't get paid till friday
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