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Ammo Donations..

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Well, that time of year has come again. I have spent the last 4 Thursday nights teaching Firearms safety and Education to my scout troop (I am an Asst. Scoutmaster). On Nov. 7,8, AND 9 we will take the boys to a farm in Pulaski TN where they will spend the weekend "Hands On" with the firearms, shooting everything from pistol and .22 rifle, to shotgun, high power rifle, and Civil War black powder. My old re-enacting group is even gonna come out and light it up with Thompson's and BAR'S and even a Lewis Gun! I have even had word that daddy Barrett, who lives just down the road, may stop in and bring some of his toys. Yeah, that BARRETT! Yeah, I get excited too! :-D But, I have heard the family is sort of....non-friendly. So I guess we will se. Anywho, with the rising prices in Ammo, does anyone know where I could possibly have some donated? Or, it's a longshot but, would anyone on the forum want to donate to a good cause? I have a buddy at the Dicks Sporting goods here locally who can get me 10% but I though I would try here too. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
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Wish I had extra ammo, but I don't even have a job right now :p

I remember doing this as a young boy...very positive experience, shot blackpowder, 22's, 12 ga, bows and arrows...it's not a vivid memory, but it's a positive one...considering I've never understood the fear of the 12 ga (didn't know about it before this day) ever since. Hope those kids have as good of an experience as I did.
Man I wish I were in your troop when I was young!
Troop 221 in Roanoke Va. 1976-79.
Our local gun dealer is a troop leader. Let me see if I can appeal to his good side and get back to you!
Deputy C. Rickman, I can't believe that you and the parents haven't hit up the local business community for these donations. I have a small retail business and it's hardly a day goes by that we're not approached for some donation or the other.
Go to the manager, not some worker, of Dick's Sporting Goods, tell him exactly what your plan is and that you will announce his goodwill in every scouting publication that you have access to. Ask other retailers to do "in-house-auctions" for you. They donate, or do a deep discount on an item, then put up a sign in their store that announces the auction, plus a collection jar to help the local scout troop. In an "all mens, or at least primarily-men's store", i.e. cigar and pipe shop, you will get plenty of cash donations in a hurry for this little operation.
Hell, even if they are "anti-gun", just tell them that your troop is going on a special training session and that you're asking for the community to support the field trip. Use your imagination!
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Deputy Rickman,

I applaud your efforts teaching scouts to shoot. I do similar shoots for our Scout troop.

Some words of caution.

The guide to safe scouting says that Boy Scouts can only shoot single shot .22 Rifles, Shotguns, and muzzle loaders. You must have NRA certified instructors in each of those disciplines that you are shooting and an NRA Range Safety Officer over seeing the shooting activities. Boy Scouts may not shoot handguns.

Guns and Firearms

If you choose to let Scouts shoot unauthorized firearms, such as handguns, semi auto .22's, and center fire rifles, the BSA insurance normally offered with your tour permit (you are filing a tour permit right?) will be null and void. You can be held personally responsible for any injuries sustained over the weekend.

One way around this is to form a Venture Crew. Venture Scouts may shoot handguns after taking the NRA Basic Pistol class, and they can shoot all rifles.

By forming a Venture Crew your 14 and older Scouts can shoot all the fun stuff and the younger kids can shoot the single shot .22's and shotguns. This will keep your back side covered with insurance and the younger kids will have another reason to stay in scouting.

I believe you also can form a Venture Patrol of older scouts within your troop. But I haven't tried that. Our troop, in conjunction with another troop, formed a Venture Crew focused on the shooting sports. It's working pretty well and we have even had the crew shoot an IPSC match.
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We have a venture troop at our range that we donate money to help support. They also hold an annual raffle to raise money for trips. They buy or get donated to them, a gun or two and they sell raffle tickets at the local gun shows and so forth. This past year I believe they raised 90% of the funds needed to take a trip to yellowstone park.
The local wal mart did that for our troop a few times the only draw back is the last time we had to give them 30 day notice.
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