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Age of my pistol

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Ive searched the forum and cant find a topic about the serial number and age of a gun. Im probably doing something wrong in the search cause I know it must be out there. Well anyway, I just purchased a used XDSC in 9mm and was wondering the age, do i have to call up SA to find the age?
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If you find out somewhere i would like to know, also.

so just send me a private message.
The forum did have this information, but it was lost when the forum was hacked. If memory serves, TASF overkill had contacted SA pertaining to this. SOmething about the serial numbers being ?random? in sequence, but the date is on the inside of the slide, I think. COuld be wrong.

You may want to give him a pm and see if he will help. If he does, please post the information here that way I can log it into my own archives. THANKS!!

I believe there is a date/time stamp on the inside of the dust cover on the frame...I'll have to go look.
Ive asked this question several times in the last few months of gun dealers at shows. When I bought my SIG used they told me there was no way of knowing. I also asked a different dealer about a different gun that I did not buy and he said the same thing. I dont know if it is a brand of gun or any gun but you would think you could find the date something was manufactured. As for my XD I know because I bought it new.
Unfortunatly its not in my possesion yet so I cant look on the inside of my slide but I do have the serial number. Usually for my Sigs ive just called them up and used the serial number and asked. On european made Sigs theres a 2 letter date stamp underneath the muzzle on the slide thatll tell you the year.
Tec is right it was lost when the forum got hacked. but as i remember and i may be wrong, all that was recomended was to call Sprinfield Armory and ask them to date your gun by giving them the serial #.
Thats what i did and they did it for me with no problem. Hope that helps.
I'm sure if ya can get some lazy tech person at SA to get off his/her duff...they could run a "make" on your serial #
Prolly keep record of it just in case somethin happens...such as warranty work...etc.
only thing I can think of is if it has one notch under the accessory rail it is an older model, 2 notches is a newer
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