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Asymmetric Solutions USA is a premier training facility south of Saint Louis, Missouri on an 1300 acre site just south of Farmington, Missouri.

They recently brought Zac Jackson on board as a trainer. Zac brings a wealth of experience, having served 20 years as a US Navy Seal, the last eight as a member of DEVGRU (Seal Team 6). He then went on to a distinguished career as a trainer for various agencies in the federal government. Here's a bit more about Zac.

Zak Jackson, Chief Professional Instructor
Zak spent 20 years in the US Navy as a career SEAL at Naval Special Warfare Group 1 and Group 2, with his last 8 years at Naval Special Warfare Development Group (SEAL Team 6). He is the recipient of four Bronze Stars, three with V for Valor Devices and is the veteran of 11 separate combat deployments all over the globe. Zak was the primary instructor and curriculum developer for multiple programs inside of the Tier 1 and standard NSW training pipeline and has a breadth of subject matter expertise. Prior to joining Asymmetric Solutions, Zak worked as an instructor for the Kennedy Irregular Warfare Center and US Department of State’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program.

Zac, simply put, knows his stuff, to put it mildly, and is a SUPERB instructor.

We were fortunate to have him teach our civilian Tac 3 pistol class, since he is the designated professional trainer at ASUSA.

Zac ran us hard, all day and we all learned so much, me particularly.

He had us focus on really dialing in each fundamental aspect of using a handgun, from stance, through presentation. It was simply awesome.

For me, the best "take away" was really taking a hard look at my draw and presentation. Zac emphasizes getting the pistol into action ASAP the minute it is drawn, thinking of the handgun "riding a rail" from high on your chest, pushing it out aggressively and getting those sights on target. His teaching technique, obviously reflecting years of experience, was very enjoyable, since everything he taught was presented professionally, in a kind, supportive manner, with corrections given very constructively and helpfully.

I particularly appreciated how he drilled us on identifying, for ourselves, where our errors were being made and why, everything from not being in the proper stance, to where we were during each phase of the draw stroke.

Frankly, it was a revelation and I've taken now a LOT of classes.

A twenty year Navy Seal veteran with many real-world combat deployments with rounds coming back in his direction many times gives him precisely the kind of experience we all need to hear about what it is like in the real-world and learning techniques for engaging from various positions, even from flat on one's back, learning how to shoot from cover, and how to use concealment effectively.

He also emphasized index shooting at relatively closer ranges.

He walked us through a great course of dry fire skill practice for four hours, followed by live fire excercises for five hours in the afternoon, having us work on putting rounds accurately on 6" paper plates from a whole host of positions, with movement, back, forth, sideways, turning from left and right and doing complete 180 turns, presenting each time from the holster, firing controlled pairs.

I can't say enough about the training and the curriculum at ASUSA.

Guys, if you can, check it out. We have folks now driving in from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, TX, etc.

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