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So here is one of my most funnest 22LR long guns. It's a Savage Springfield brand (which never had anything to do with Springfield Armory) Model 187M. I bought this either shortly before or shortly after getting married back in 1967 and it has traveled back and forth from coast to coast several times as work moved us around.

It's a 15 round tube fed semi-automatic Gill gun with the classic Savage Click/Clack action. The action name comes from the distinctive sound; when you pull the trigger it fires and blows the bolt back with a click sound but the bolt is held back until the trigger is released making the clack sound. The barrel is 20" and it has a deflector on the ejection port that spins empties slightly forward and not across the clearing.

and with my Savage 1907 pistol that was made back in 1913.
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