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January 11, 2005

Subject: IDPA Equipment Rule Change
Reference: Blade-Tech Industries Holsters and Magpouches

To Whom It May Concern:

According to the 2005 IDPA rulebook; Blade-Tech IDPA Belt and Tek-Lok holsters fall under the “POUCH” holsters. Stated in the 1-D (page 29) “pouch style holster” Blade-Tech Industries holster do meet the criteria stated on page 29. “QUOTE” from the current rulebook. This design features a “pouch” that holds the handgun and usually has a separate back piece attached to the back of the “pouch” which attaches to the holster to the belt. This “back piece” can either be a belt tunnel, belt slots on either side of the pouch, or a paddle that slides inside the pants.

Blade-Tech holsters are not designed/ and are not marketed as “competition” equipment. The Paddle, and the Tek-Lok holsters or “POUCHES” are cant adjustable for a “3 position” cant. However or holsters are FIXED in one position only! Meaning you cannot rotate or pivot from a fixed position manually. In order for a Holster to be transitioned from a straight cant to a “FBI” cant or a muzzle rearward cant you physically have to remove the “Back piece” from the holster, reposition and lock down the attaching hardware.

Blade-Tech Industries “IWB”, “IDPA belt holster”, “Paddle holster”, and magpouches meet and exceed the criteria stated in the current rule book. Blade-Tech holsters and magpouches are utilized by Ken Hackathorn; in a recent conversation Between Tim Wegner, (President & CEO of Blade-Tech Industries), and Ken Hackathorn. Ken mentioned that there should be no problem with Blade-Tech holsters according to the new rules. Blade-Tech holsters listed above meet the demands of every day real world application; which is used by Elite Military units, Undercover Law enforcement Agents, Officers, Instructors, Civilians, and IDPA/USPSA competitors.


Bobby McGee
Customer Service Manager/Tech Support/Government Sales
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