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I did have the XD-S in both the 9 and 45 flavor. While I enjoyed both of them I found myself shooting them less, and less and even more so after the recall.

So off they went to find new homes......what a difference a month makes.....I didn't stay XD-less for long lol

I bought both the 3.8 45 compact and the xd9sc used but both were in like new condition. The 4.5 9mm was something I've always had my eye on and when the right deal came along I jumped on it

I've only had the SC for 2 days but I gotta say it is my favorite right now. Awesome trigger and points dead on. If I do my part it is crazy accurate for a 3" barrel

Next up is to get a IWB holster....most likely a Crossbreed. I just got one for my M&P 9c and it is unbelievably comfortable
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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