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Hey Guys,

I am clearing out some stuff and thought I would see if any of my XD brothers/sisters were interested before I put this on Gunbroker.

I have 36 boxes of Buffalo Bore 500 JRH in 425gr. It travels at 1350 FPS. Perfectly safe for shooting in a 500 S&W or 500 JRH revolver. Very accurate and deep penetrating. New it was selling for almost $3 a round. Since I am trying to unload this all at one time I will be happy to take $750 shipped for it. Shipping would be over $65 (I know I had to ship it once already). It would come UPS ground.

Please feel free to ask any questions. PM me or email ([email protected]) if you would like pics.

I'm open to Money orders or Paypal. Cash if you are picking up would be fine too.

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