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Got to the range this morning for the first time with my 6mm DTI. All loads were with H4895 in new cases. I am curious to see if fire forming the loads will make any difference. The 75 gr Sierra and 70 gr Blitz King show promise. I still have 75 gr Vmax and 70 & 80 Ballistic Tip to try.

The first target is as follows ( all loads with H4895)
All groups are 5 shot groups

Bottom Left - 70 BK 30.4gr
Bottom Right - 70 BK 30.6 gr
Middle Right - 85 Sierra 28.4
Top Right - 85 Sierra 28.2 gr
Top Left - 75 gr Sierra 29.4 gr
Middle - 70 BK 30.8 grains

This is the 70gr BK. The one shot that is high left is the second shot in the string. (read me pulling shot) So I think I can tighten this group up.

All bullets on this sheet is the same, 75gr Sierra HP. I loaded shots in .1 grain steps with H4895, as follows
Bottom Left - 29.5 gr
Bottom Right - 29.6 gr
Middle - 29.7
Top Right 29.8

Obviously this is my best group of the day

I have the fire formed cases in the tumbler. I cant wait to try out the fire formed cases and see what difference it makes.
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