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The 6mm ARC is a new and interesting round.

The are some of my observations based on writers and comments from some component manufacturers.

1. Performance is similar to a 6mm Creedmoor or 6mm Grendel.
2. It is optimized for AR-15s.
3. It is designed to use heavier 6mm bullets.
4. It is a 1000 yard capable rifle.
5. Barrel lengths should be longer (18”-24”) to take advantage of its performance.
6. Barrel manufacturers are still a few months out for AR builders and probably for manufacturers of rifles and uppers.
7. No reloading data available yet.
8. No real user comments since it is so new.
9. It should use a good quality barrel for accuracy (See #6 above).
10.Ammo is largely not available and for this to be successful, it will need economical fodder.
11.A good rifle scope is needed (to take advantage of its long range potential).
12.It will be a compact rifle with low recoil with long range performance like a 308 Win or 7.62NATO.
13.Reloading should work well with a brass catcher. I hate searching for ammo out of any semi.
14.Magazines will need some development which should happen similar to what happened with the 300 Blackout (with 300 Blackout specific magazines that enhanced reliability).
15.This is a military round now with Barrett delivering rifles to the military.
16,Military use “may” make it more of a mainstream round over other similar rounds.
17.Its use in the military may be for designated riflemen or others where longer range targets show themselves beyond the range of 5.56NATO.
18.It probably will replace the EBR and other rifles in 7.62NATO.
19.Nothing from Springfield on its application in a Springfield Edge.

I could go on but what does this group think?

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I find roofing hammers too modernistic. Tomahawks have staying power.
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