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I had a friend who runs a machine make these up for me. It was cheaper for me to have a decent amount made, rather than the 4-5 I needed. So I need to get rid of the rest :)

Two Available Options:

The first is a purely decorative round. They are made of aluminum and are too soft to feed reliably into the FsN (not responsible if you try). They will come up the feed ramp, but usually will get stuck and not continue to feed. They have center spot drill at the primer base for ease of attaching some sort of mounting screw, whether for a key chain, etc..

Price for each non-coated decorative round is $5.25 each SHIPPED anywhere in the US. ADD $.75 for Canadian shipments. International will have to double check rates. Price for a set of three is $12.75 Shipped. I have 39 of these available

The other available option is Hard Anodized. They are the same as the decorative rounds, but they are hard anodized. Finish is a dull grayish color. Center spot drill at the primer base is for filling with RTV/silicone to act as a cushion for the firing pin. I have tested functionality of them in both the ps90 and the FsN, and they feed 100%. No Guarantees with Korean AR57 mags. Cosmectically the Anodizer used some clamp to hold them while they were being coated so there's 4-5 tiny bare spots on the case of the round. Doesn't effect function at all!

The Extractor on both is very hard on the coating at the base, so it will not be unusual for the coating to be stripped there. I noticed some marring at the top neck/bullet area of the rounds, but they still feed 100%. I have tested them 20-25 times in each firearm.
Price for each hard anodized is 6.75 each Shipped. Price for three is 17.25 shipped. Add $.75 for Canadian shipments. I have 33 of these available!

I accept discrete PayPal, and money orders. To avoid spam email, please PM me for my PayPal address/mailing address.

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