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5-13-05 range trip.

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I went to my local range today and shot about 225 rounds. 125 WWB 165gr. FMJ, and 100 Federal 180gr. FMJ. For some reason my XD40 service has a FTF problem with the 180 grain ammo. It happened a quite a few times today, and it happened with some magtech stuff I bought at the range last time. It shoots the WWB 165gr flawlessly though. I'm really confused by this. The guy at the range said that since the 180gr. bullet is heavier, it takes more energy to move it into the chamber at the same speed as a lighter round. Should I try a #20 or #22 spring with Don's guide rod? he also said to polish the feed ramp, which I will be doing when I clean it tonite. In total, I have about 1000 rounds through this gun. about 700 WWB 165gr FMJ, which have all fed perfectly. And about 300 Magtech/Federal 180gr. FMJ, which I've had far too many FTF problems with.

Anyways, enough with my sob story...Here's my actual range report :D

My left eye is my dominant eye, so I've always shot rifles with my left hand. Even though I do everything else right handed. I just automatically thought that I would have to shoot pistols left handed. Well I was dead wrong! LOL!

Tonite I shot the first 100 rounds lefty like normal at 15 yards. I did my usual 5-6 inch groupings...I haven't improved over those groups in the last few trips to the range. So I thought I'd give right handed a whirl. First mag was kind of awkward getting used to the difference in grip...but my groups tightened up to 3-4 inches! The next mag was a miracle, I got used to the grip a little more, and oh my god...2-3 inch group with two round dead center!

I switched back and forth the rest of the session, and got pretty comfortable shooting right handed. I consistently did better with the right than with the left. I've come to the conclusion that I am now an ambidextrous/right-handed pistol shooter lol! I guess I need to work on my supposed strong side more... :wink:
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Simply stay away from ammo that doesn't work well. No need to start changing springs and polishing stuff, but if you feel you have to.....

Good luck, shoot safe :)
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