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I have both a Glock G17 and an XD9SC...love them both. I have decided I want to try the 45GAP, which platform do you think would be better for my needs?

Besides the ussual "grip angle and ergos are better on XD" or "tennifer finish is better" arguments, I'd rather here opinions based on USE. I'm using my XD9SC as my main carry gun (I live in Florida). However, there are times when it does get cooler down here and I can actually wear a jacket, in which case I wouldn't mind carrying something a little bigger. Although somewhat close in dimensions, the G38's shorter grip appeals to me even though you give up 1 round. I like Glocks full (service) size, compact, and sub-compact philosophy. i wish the XD was available in that G19 compact size.

XD holds 9+1 with a 4" barrel
G38 holds 8+1 with a 3 7/8" barrel
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