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I used to carry mine in a Galco Summer Comfort (SUM440B) @ 6 o’clock or small of the back. Very comfortable and easy to conceal with a longer loose jacket. I had to quit using it in that position because of a bad rotator cuff and an awakening one time that I slipped on the ice, went full horizontal and landed on my back. I’m glad I wasn’t carrying it that day or probably would’ve damaged my spine. It can be worn pretty much anywhere around your belt that will fit. I wear one for my Hellcat @ 4 o’clock position now. I also like the shoulder holsters especially for heavy guns. Carried my P90 Ruger for many years in a Bianchi but those are getting kinda spendy. There’s lots more variety out there now compared to what there used to be.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts