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40 or 9mm

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I just got a xd 40 sc and I love it . my ? is now I want a tactical or a standard issue in ether 9mm or 40 is there any real diff in the recoil between the two
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well I bought the 4" in 9mm I started to get the 40 but I figured what the hell I may as well have a 357sig 9mm and 40 no since keeping things simple. any way took it to range today and put about 100 rounds of ww
with no problems. maby now I need a 45 gap. and I'll bet set no flames please. thanks for all the replies

I dont have alot of money Ive just been saving awhile thats all. after the next gun that will be it till next summer LOL .last year it was sigs this year its xd's maby next year it will be 1911's.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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