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40 or 9mm

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I just got a xd 40 sc and I love it . my ? is now I want a tactical or a standard issue in ether 9mm or 40 is there any real diff in the recoil between the two
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i have an XD Tactical in 40 SW - i love it. recoil is not an issue since i am 6'3" @ 250 lbs plus the design of the gun works well for my hands.

heck if you already have a SC in in 40, why not get another in 40 since you are buying that ammo anyways. one bad thing about the 40 is the price of ammo Vs 9mm. reloading helps cut that cost.

best thing to do is try both at the range -

since i already have the Tactical, my next purchase will be a SC in 40 - right after i get my climbing tree stand that is (for deer season).
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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