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40 or 9mm

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I just got a xd 40 sc and I love it . my ? is now I want a tactical or a standard issue in ether 9mm or 40 is there any real diff in the recoil between the two
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i have noticed a differance in the 40 and 9mm in the standard size 4". The 9mm has noticable less muzzle lift and is easier for me to stay on target with rapid fire. Both are equally accurate if aim and shoot with time between shots. I have read that a spring kit for the 40 will calm the muzzle lift and make it more managable like the 9mm.
If i was going to get a tactical I would buy a 40 or 45 caliber isnstead of 9mm. hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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