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40 or 9mm

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I just got a xd 40 sc and I love it . my ? is now I want a tactical or a standard issue in ether 9mm or 40 is there any real diff in the recoil between the two
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BeardXXXd said:
i carry a .40 due the guarantee of 1 shot stops
i carried a 9mm all through the mid 70's and have shot a many a man and never felt confident with the round
Guaranteed 1 shot stops?!?!? Gee tell me where you get this magic ammo, from the guy who sold Jack the beans maybe? There is no such animal and those who say there is are full of BS. The real issue is not size or weight of round but bullet placement and ability to fire quickly and accurately. Otherwise that guy the LA sherriff deputies shot at a few months ago would have died from his wound to the toe (you remember the story, 120 rounds fired, 4 hit, 3 hit BG, one hit a fellow deputy). One shot stop indeed. I think that 3 rounds of 124 Gr 9mm GoldDot JHP would ruin anyones day as well as a .40 if they are placed right. THe higher velocity and smaller caliber is also great for pelvic strikes as it will shatter the pelvis, slower bigger rounds do not do this well. The nice thing is I have ammo left over in case I need it, almost 50 rounds compared to 37 with the .40. Not that I think I will need that much but as my father in law says, you can never have too much ammo. Shoot what you can hit with quickly and accurately and do not fall victim to the bigger is better hype. Slower, large caliber misses will never equall rapid, small caliber hits for stopping power.
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BeardXXXd said:
manygunner said:
Guaranteed 1 shot stops?!?!? Gee tell me where you get this magic ammo, .

i twas joking
Sorry, I missed the flag on that. Maybe I am overly sensitive due to the abuse I get by 1911 users that I beat at plates with my XD9. lol. No harm meant and I apologize for any offense.

Chevyman, you have too much money in your pocket if you did buy every caliber. I am jelous. I still stick by my 9mm though.
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