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May parts came in to build my 7.62 lower. Don't have pics cause I broke my lense on my honeymoon in Tahiti. The rundown:

Armalite 7.62 Lower Reciever
Armalite AR-10 Mag Catch
Armalite AR-10 Bolt Stop
Armalite AR-10 Takedown & Pivot Pins
Armalite A2 Buffer Tube
Armalite AR-10 Rifle Buffer
Armalite AR-10 Rifle Buffer SPring
Magpul AR-10 PRS

Now, I need an upper for the above and my 5.56 complete lower. Thinking about just a standard 5.56 CAR upper and an Armalite 24" Bull Barrel upper for the 7.62. Does anyone think uppers will be banned as well, or just lowers, if there is another AWB?

The two above go with my other two builds you can find in other threads. One is a 9mm build (fun as hell to shoot) and the other is a long range 5.56 build. All have been fun to put together.

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I'm guessing you are wanting a longer barrel for extra long precision? You might check out a Noveske Leonidas upper but they are pricey but then again so are the Armalite 20"+ uppers.

Also if you want to build your own upper for the AR-10 there are 16" SASS barrels that are very rare. Armalite basically said some of the engineers slipped it into production and these weren't supposed to be made. Owners love them! Here is the AR15.com link.
If you don't have an account over there, here is the link to the guys website.
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