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? 357 sig

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Those of you whom has a 357 sig, How does the 357 sig shoot? I,m thinking of getting one in the tactical model.
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Shoots straight, plenty of recoil, very reliable feeder..in fact Ive never had a failure to feed...even with all the handloads ive shoved into the gun, always feed fine and always went bang.

I have a dons guide rod and 22lb wolf spring.....has a bit of muzzle flip, but nothing too extreme. The 5" model would probably help out with a bit more weight. I believe in the 5" sprinco makes one of their recoil reducer assemblies. I guess I should note I have a 4" Service model.

Other than that not much more to say about it. Powerful round that has been reliable in the XD setup. Reloading for it is a snap too, 9mm flat point bullets, case of your choice, 13.5-14 grns of AA#9....put it together with a decent crimp and your done. With that amount of powder it should be close to a compressed load and with a decent crimp there should be little to no setback issues at all.
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It shoots reeeeeaaaaaaaal good. Should shoot even better in Tactical. Get one. :D
The 357 Sig is an exceptionally accurate round. I highly recommend it if you're interested in accuracy and optimum performance.

Sprinco does make a recoil reducer for the Tactical, but none of the other models of XD. Alan says there isn't room in the shorter slide for what the Sprinco unit has to do.

It's a very good and consistant round.

L I N C H P I N said:
Those of you whom has a 357 sig, How does the 357 sig shoot? I,m thinking of getting one in the tactical model.
good luck finding the tac in .357 sig. Pretty rare.

I love my 357 sig 10x over the 40 S&W

IMHO .357 sig > .45 acp & .40 S&W > 9mm

A very fun shooter
Shoots GREAT, accuracy is superb. Enough recoil to let you know your are firing a hot one, but not too much to be uncomfortable. Oh yea, it makes a good loud BANG :twisted:

In the past month or so I have went through two Ruger .45's and a .40 Glock, before I got my XD, and the .357 SIG is by far my favorite.
I have a few as my wife say's to many guns We all know there is no such thing anyway I like it alot pretty darn close to my favorite....
I have never had a problem with it shoot pmc at the range 11.00 a box at sportsmanguide.com
There are pistols that I like to collect, but the XD 357 is the one I'd rely on. The only problem I've ever had is one instance where the slide didn't lock back after the last round, but my handle/grip may have contributed to that.

I like the quick pop; it isn't too much to control.

I've never had any misfeeds. I particularly like the loaded chamber indicator, cocking indicator, and the mag release better than the SW99 (.45 ACP) that I've recently fired, and I really like the S&W pistols.

Also, it is incredibly easy to disassemble/clean.

Get one! NOW! :p
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