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3 full house competition guns added to the match.

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Specialized Distributing of La HABRA has just donated to the XD match three full house race guns to the prize table. Added to the growing list of fabulous prizes of this match will be a STI, a SVI and a full house Caspian gun, each with targets and 5000 rds of ammo. Yes you heard it from me. We've got a STI,SVI and Caspian hi caps for the Springfield XD match...........Thats right boys you'd better get off the dime and sign up now.

Ron "Mr Twisted" Jung

By the way did I mention Specialized Distributing is an airsoft distributing company.... 5000 rds of plastic pellets goes a long way, trigger time is trigger time.

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Hey Ron, I emailed you early last week, did you get the emails and get my registration form and info packet in the mail?

Gotta tell ya, I'm looking forward to the match as it seems like it's gonna be a blast and, if that weren't good enough, it's close for me.

Lemme know if ya could. THANKS!
Hey Cullen your packet went out to you Sat. You should have it any day now, welcome to the match.

To all the other guys, I've just done some quick accounting in my head based on the prizes I have committed vs the number of shooters we expect: every shooter will get back about twice his entry fee, not bad. You use my guns, shoot my ammo, get me and my wife to work our asses off and I pay you? Only in the Shooting Sports can you find that kind of generousity and devotion. Thank you sponsors, thank you Nora (Mrs. Twisted). Mr Twisted out. :p :p :p :p :p
WICKED!!! Thanks, Ron. BTW, if you need any help, let me know. I think you have my phone number if you want to call and give me some things to do.
Hey Gorilla!

I look forward to meeting you at the match! Mr. Twisted is doing a great job of putting this together. It should be lots of fun!
Thanks Gorilla and Bob

We can use all the help we can get. I can provide the brains, money and sponsor support but nothing can replace the man power that this undertaking takes.

There's thousands of Trekees(hs/xders) out there and I'm putting on the mother of all Startrek Conventions for them. "Look out Captain Twisted, there be a Glocker out there". Steer right 2 degrees "Blue" and we'll use our 5" XD Tactical on them.

Bob what do you think of "Blue" as your new handle?

If any of you XDers would like to help, step up to the plate its your party too. We do it for the love of the Shooting Sports. Twisted out..........

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Sounds like your event is the best thing going in Cali right now. Shame on anyone who doesn't take advantage of this.
Now, more importantly, when are you coming to the mid-west? OR, how exactly do you get a thing like this rolling hereabouts?
Come on peashooter,zipgun is from the mid west I'll make you the same offer I made him, if your short on coin let me know(private e-mail) as to the mid-west, a match in the hand is worth two I do'nt knows....

Captain Twisted out........ :p :p :p :roll:

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