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this was originally posted around the first of November. Here is the repost as I posted it on HKPro.com.


Though I stopped off at the range and ran a few rounds through it the night I bought it, I wanted to take it out and give a real going over and do a side by side comparison of it vs. my carry gun and my 38 super 1911 and see what I really liked and disliked about each.

Ammo used was Olympic 124 gr. fmj ball.

The XD tact. fits my hand nicely. When holding it empty, it seems VERY muzzle heavy, but w/ a full mag, it balances out nicely. The drawback in this is if you hold up to empty an entire magazine, as you get tired, the gun becomes more unbalanced and you have to exert more effort to bring it back on target. The trigger is short and crisp for a striker fired action, but still quite gritty feeling. I am letting this go for now as I have only put about 300 rds through the gun. I will become more critical of it if it does not show improvement by 500 rds though. The trigger also is a little heavy for my taste, but not so much so that it would cause me to rethink the purchase. Accuracy was acceptable. I do not shoot bullseye competition, so I am not looking for a tack driver. Most of my shooting was double taps at 15 and 25 feet and kept 80%+ of my shots in the A zone on an IPSC target shooting center mass. I only pulled 4-5 rounds out of 200 so far off target they missed the scoring zones. Then setting up for multiple target engagements, I was able to easily aquire the second target but it took more effort to lead the first shot in as the extra mass of the gun had me pulling further past center than with my HK (review to follow). Initially i would put the first round of the second target either off target left or down the left edge of the target and the second round normally came back to center mass AorB zone. Finally, I ran the target all the way down range (65') and commenced some slow fire practice shooting at the clean spot on the target, the head zone. I ran 30 rds like this and all but three ended up in the target. The recoil was noticeably sharper than the other two guns and I wonder if a buffer spring change might not be in order to tune the gun a little bit. It reliably fed all good ammo but jammed up when trying to chamber empty brass into the mags for malfunction drills. I did get one jam when I ran an alternating magazine of ball and hollowpoint ammo. Not sure the reason, but assume it is just part of the break in process. All in all, I would feel comfortable carrying this in a gunfight, but I would get a couple thousand more rounds of practice before I do so that the mult. target problems are no more a concern to me and I make sure I have my immediate drills down cold.

Next gun is the gov't model. It too suffers from the nose heavy feel that any full size gov't model shooter is used to. This gun was built from an Auto Ord. frame and slide and barreled for 9mm w/ an alternate slide built being used for the comp'd 38 super setup. Today I ran the 9mm as I wanted apples to apples. As to be expected, w/ this gun the trigger feel was as crisp and light as anyone has any right to expect. Groups were all inside the A zone center mass with the exception of 2 flyaways that I am still not sure how they got there (no one else was shooting that day and I can't be THAT bad, or can i?). Multiple target aquisition was similair to the XD and after the first couple I was able to compensate for the extra weight pulling me through the target. When I pushed it downrange to the 65' mark, I may as well have handed the gun to a brand new shooter. I am going to blame the shooter on this one because I know the gun is better than this, but out of 27 rds, 14 of them were in the head, the rest were in the background. Recoil was manageable and not as sharp as the XD. I didn't bother w/ loading empty brass as I was getting enough FTFeed problems I felt i didn't need any additional practice. I think this one needs a new buffer spring and possibly a new extractor. Definitely not reliable enough for me to consider carrying.

Lastly we get to my current carry gun. HK P2000 in 9mm. This gun is equipped w/ HK's LEM trigger which for those who are not familiar is a DAO trigger w/ a twist. When you rack the slide, the double action trigger is "pre-cocked" and it significantly decreases the trigger pull required. Out of the box, the LEM is about 7.5-8 lbs, but w/ the changeout of 2 springs that can be dropped to a nice comfy 4.5 lb squeeze. This is something I needed due to nerve damage in my right arm/hand. This gun has about 2k rounds through it now and except for my torture test of it while I was at a training mentioned in my post here.


The gun performed flawlessly and with the recently lightened trigger, I was again able to hold nearly all shot to the A zone out to 25 ft, even on my mult. target shots. The gun is so light I would have expected to feel more recoil than I did out of the tactical or gov't model, but just the opposite. It recoils so calmly and comes right back on target every time. The 65' shots suffered some from the bbl length and possibly also the shorter sight radius as the bbl length is only 3.5" and the slide length is a hair over 6" but I still put 25 of 30 shots into the head and 16 of those in the A zone.

Bottom line. I will continue to carry my HK. It is the lightest of the group. I shoot the best w/ it currently, but this is probably due to me having more experience w/ it recently than with the others. And it is the only one to have absolutely no malfunctions that were not intentionally caused. Reliability comes above all else in a gunfight. I may look into using the XD for competition in 3gun matches in the future, but for now will stay w/ the HK as I think it is good practice for hi stress shooting.

Hope this helps some of you who may be looking for a good review and side by side comparison of some popular carry guns. I may be picking up a Kahr P9 after christmas. If so, expect me to review it too.

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